Zinc A.G. 60T by Metagenics

Zinc A.G. 60T by MetagenicsZinc A.G.™

Highly Absorbable Zinc/True Amino Acid Chelate

Zinc A.G. features a 100% nutrient-dense formula in that each of the active ingredients zinc, arginine, and glycine play important and well established physiologic roles.

Promotes healthy immune and prostate function.

Supports the enzymatic activity associated with energy metabolism

bone mineralization, and tissue synthesis.

Features a proprietary, patented chelate that utilizes the amino acids glycine and arginine for enhanced zinc absorption.

One Tablet Supplies:

Zinc (as zinc arginate, glycinate) 20mg


One tablet twice one to two times daily.

Form: 60 Tablet Bottle; 180 Tablet Bottle

Patented mineral amino acid chelate: U.S. Patent Nos. 4,599,152; 4,830,716 Albion®.

Suitable for vegetarians

Dimensions: 2x2x4

Price: $12.95

Sku: ZN025