Yeast Balance 90 softgels

Yeast Balance 90 softgelsYeast Balance is an herbal blend for the healthy balance of yeast organisms.Ü It includes some of the best-studied herbal ingredients: Oregano and thyme aid in digestion. Peppermint Oil supports colon function. Goldenseal contains compounds beneficial for overall support and immune health. Directions Two softgels between meals twice daily. Ingredients Serving Size: 2 Enteric-Coated Softgel Capsules Oregano (origanum vulgare) 0.2ml,Peppermint (menta x piperita) Leaf Oil Extract 0.1ml, Thymus(Thymus vulgaris)0.1ml, Goldenseal (Hydrastic Canadensis) 100mg, This product does not contain artificial flavoring corn dairy products gluten preservatives salt sugar wheat yeast All colors used are from natural sources. br Notes If pregnant, nursing, or taking prescription drugs, consult your healthcare practitioner prior to use

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