Wild Yam (Progesterone Cream)

Wild Yam (Progesterone Cream)Wise Women Essentials natural progesterone cream for relief of menopause symptoms, hot flashes, perimenopause symptoms, and aids in fertility. It may help totally restore imbalances of estrogen to progesterone. Wise Women Essentials Wild Yam & Progesterone + is a liposome anti-oxidant cream with 500 mg per ounce of bio-identical natural progesterone, vitamins A, C, and E, jojoba oil, squalane and allantoin. This comes in two sizes: 2 oz jar and 3 oz pump. Fragrance and paraben free.

Made to Dr. John Lee’s recommended amount of progesterone described in his book of 22-25 mg per press, with 60 presses per pump. Apply 1/4 tsp = one press in pump.

Air tight clinically hygienic pump help protect the natural ingredients from oxidation’s and ensure the potency.

Fragrance Free. No toxic chemicals, No Parabens, dyes, animal products or mineral oil.

Price: $31.00

Sku: Wildyam