Willow Garlic Ear Oil by Herbs for kids

According to Jack paradise in managing otitis Media, a time for change (Pediatrics, October, 1995): Sustained, preventative use of antibiotics in children with repeated ear infections should be avoided in favor of alternative measures whenever possible. The herbs in willow/garlic ear oil support the healthy functioning of the ears. This olive oil based topical oil is a combination of herbs with pain-relieving, antibacterial and antifungal properties. Always warm the oil to slightly more than body temperature. Treat both ears when dry and cover with clean cotton. Many of our customers augment the external oil internally with antibacterial herbs such as echinacea and Oregon grape root.

Do not use oils if the eardrum has been perforated. Note: If your child has had more than one ear infection Healing Childhood Ear Infections by Michael Schmidt is required reading! Available in 1 oz. oil.

Label Info:Alcohol-free topical herbal blend.

Iingredient per serving: extra virgin olive oil, fresh garlic cloves, calendula flower, Willow bark, usnea lichen and vitamin E oil.

Dimensions: 1x1x4

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