Veterinary Compounds

Veterinary compounding is the mixing of medicines that is specific to pets and other animals.

Pharmacists work closely with prescribers and veterinarians to come up with animal specific medicines in the Triad System. Together, the people (and animals!!) in the Triad System can come up with specific drugs to solve problems and meet specific needs.

The compounded medicines from our Professional Compounding Centers of America (PCCA) certified pharmacists fit into an entire health & wellness program for pets and animals.  Under supervision of a veterinary physician, compounded medicines can be used for customized drug therapy within the program specifically designed for each pet or animal.

Just about every medicine is available for veterinary compounding.  Also, there are many options available concerning the taking of the medicine.

Transdermal Gels
Transdermal gels are one of the easiest and most innovative ways to medicate your pet. We place the prescribed medication into a small amount of gel that is applied behind the animals ear. Our gels come in easy to use pre-measured syringes that ensure accurate dosing.

Transdermal gels offer many advantages:
• Due to the excellent absorption of the drug, smaller amounts of drug can be given,
which can greatly reduce the side effects your pet may experience.
• If your pet is on several medications, many drug interactions can be avoided when one
or more of the medications are given through a gel.
• Numerous medications can easily be administered to pets who are nauseated or
who may not be allowed to take anything by mouth.
There are many different types of medications that can be placed into a transdermal gel:
• Anti-diarrhea medications
• Anti-seizure medications
• Thyroid medications
• Anti-arthritic drugs
• Gels for inflammation
• Sedatives
• Anti-depressives
• And many, many more!
Give us a call to see if a transdermal gel may be the answer to your pets medication problems!

Chewable Treats
Choose your pet’s favorite flavor! We can compound single or multiple medications into a chewable treat for animals large or small.

Liver Tuna Shrimp Salmon Chicken Beef
Ham Raisin Apple Cheese Banana Peanut Butter

Need another flavor? Just tell us what your pet likes

Flavored Suspensions
Sometimes a liquid form is chosen for dose control, ease of administration, or stability. No problem- flavor choices abound! You may wish to stay with the basics: fish flavors for cats, beef or liver for dogs, tutti-frutti for birds, molasses for horses. Have a special request? We can match that favorite taste

B&B Pharmacy and Health Care Center has medicines and flavors in the appropriate dosages for ALL animals.