UMF 15+ Active Manuka Honey 250g

UMF 15+ Active Manuka Honey 250gUMF Manuka Honey Has Unsurpassed Healing Qualities

The unique properties of UMF manuka honey can help heal a huge range of conditions from stomach ulcers to infections

as well as increasing your energy levels and general well-being.

Find out how manuka honey can help the following conditions… Stomach ulcers and related conditions

Sore throats & colds Skin ulcers, wounds, boils Minor burns & pressure sores Infections

MRSA (superbug) What Is UMF? UMF is the name of a very beneficial antibacterial property found in some strains of manuka honey.

(UMF is not in all manuka honey.) UMF indicates the honey has a high antibacterial component. UMF is a guarantee and measure of the antibacterial potency of honey.

UMF Manuka Honey (UMF10 is minimum level) has enhanced antibacterial potency giving it special healing qualities. UMF Manuka Honey is the preferred honey when selecting honey for special therapeutic uses. UMF is an industry registered name, trademark, standard indicating antibacterial quality The UMF standard is the only standard worldwide identifying and measuring the antibacterial strength of honey.

SummerGlow UMF16 Manuka Honey is totally pure natural honey, it has nothing added. It can be enjoyed as a nice food to help enhance general health or it can be used for its unique healing qualities.

The attractive gold edged label on each jar of SummerGlow UMF16 Manuka honey features the photo of a bee busily gathering nectar from a manuka flower.

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