UltraClear Plus PH 945g by Metagenics

UltraClear Plus PH 945g by MetagenicsUltraClear® Plus pH Medical Food Alkalizing Support for Imbalanced Detoxifiers

UltraClear Plus pH medical food provides the same clinically tested macro- and micronutrient profile as UltraClear PLUS, with added nutrients to enhance Phase II detoxification activity and promote the excretion of toxins through the kidneys. Many individuals with compromised detoxification capacity have an altered urinary pH level, which can negatively influence the kidneys’ ability to eliminate toxins. Delivered as a powdered beverage mix, UltraClear Plus pH targets those with an acidic urinary pH level suffering from conditions or symptoms such as:

FibromyalgiaChronic fatigue syndrome Food allergy/intolerance Chemical or environmental sensitivity

Promotes kidney and liver detoxification capacity Protects against potentially damaging reactive oxygen compounds generated during the detoxification process Delivers additional support for Phase II activity with sesame powder Enhances the excretion of toxins out of the body by promoting an alkaline urinary pH status with potassium citrate Available in Natural Vanilla and Natural Pineapple Banana flavors.

Dimensions: 4x4x7

Price: $80.95