Thalamus comp 100 tab

Thalamus comp 100 tabThalamus Comp tabs 100’s br ingredients 100 ml contains: camp 6X, Pineal gland suis 8X, Thalamus opticus 8X, Glandula suprarenalis suis 10X, Viscum album 10X, 1 ml each. Indications: For stimulation of the central regulatory functions in degenerative diseases and neoplasia Side effects: None known. Interactions with other medication: None known. Dosage: Oral Vials: Adults and children above 6 years: In general, 1 vial 1-3 times daily. Children to 6 years: 1/2 the adult dosage. Tablets: see packaging Oral Drops: see packaging How supplied: Packs containing 10 vials of 2.2 ml Tablets: 100 per bottle

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