Tea Tree & E face & body Wash 8 oz

Tea Tree & E face & body Wash 8 ozTea Tree and E Face and Body Wash This unique combination of Tea Tree Oil, Vitamin E and botanical extracts provides a natural antiseptic action, combats a wide range of skin irritations, and stimulates the healing process. It leaves your skin feeling soft, deodorized and tingly-fresh. Tea Tree Oil with its natural antibacterial, antifungal and solvent properties deep-cleans, removing toxins and debris. It helps to discourage problem skin flare-ups, flaking and itching. Vitamin E revitalizes and moisturizes your skin. This natural antibacterial cleanser is ideal for problem skin conditions including blemishes and rashes, and makes an excellent after sports shower gel to help prevent fungal infections and body odor. Use in the kitchen or your favorite dispenser for a natural antibacterial hand wash.

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