SpectraZyme 60 tab by Metagenics

SpectraZyme 60 tab by MetagenicsSpectraZyme supplies a broad spectrum of non-animal derived enzymes including acid stable lipase and different proteases chosen to provide enzyme activity in a variety of ph ranges.

SpectraZyme features:

a variety of protein-splitting proteases,

peptide-splitting (small proteins) peptidase, carbohydrate-splitting amylase,

fat-splitting lipase, cellulose-splitting (plant fiber) cellulase , maltose-splitting (malt sugar) maltase, lactose-splitting (milk sugar) lactase, sucrose-splitting (tablesugar)invertase,Two tablets supply:

Protease I 20000 PC, Protease II 200000 USP, Protease III 40000 HUT, amylase 20000 DU , lipase 2000 LU, cellulase 2000 CU, peptidase 600 Units , maltase 600 dp, lLactase 400 LAC U ,iInvertase 400 sumner, aAmla fruit (Phyllanthus emblica) 40 mg,

Recommendations: 2 tablets with each meal.

Form: 60 Tablets, Vegetarian

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