Active Wrap Cold / Hot Gel Packs – 3pkg – 5×7

ActiveWrap therapy packs are designed for multi–purpose heat and/or cold

Our packs are non–toxic and completely patient safe

Best of all our packs will STAY SOFT out of the freezer to mold and conform

All our packs are vacuum sealed to remove air and expansion, resulting in lasting durability

Simply warm packs in a microwave or warm water or throw in the freezer for cold. The added packs enable the user to continuously apply cold by shuffling in extra packs at will

Designate a set for heat and a set for cold for contrast applications

Packs are completely removable from protective pouches enabling them to be washed and cleaned as needed

Our packs may also be filled with crushed ice for on the field applications/gymnastic meets when needed

Average lifespan for each pack is a solid 2 to 3 years with proper care

A must have for continuous ankle rehabilitation or serious athlete

Price: $19.99

Sku :awp003