Selestro 60 tab by Metagenics

Selestro  60 tab by MetagenicsSelestro provides the complementary health benefits of both black cohosh and soy isoflavones all in just one or two tablets per day. While black cohosh and soy isoflavones have both been demonstrated to relieve menopausal symptoms, soy isoflavones also address certain age-related health concerns.

Relieves menopausal symptoms such as hot flushes night sweats, occasional sleep disturbances, mild mood swings, occasional irritability, and short menstrual cycles.

Provides support to numerous areas of women’s health including breast health, bone density, and cardiovascular health.

Unlike other leading black cohosh supplements, Selestro provides 2.5% (2 mg) of triterpene glycosides in each tablet. This dosage is consistent with clinical trials.

Provides the species of black cohosh shown to be safe and effective. Species identification is important to the quality and efficacy of products containing black cohosh, since other species have been identified but not clinically tested.

Features NovaSoy, a patented soy concentrate that provides a full spectrum of biologically active isoflavones including an approximate 1.2:1 to 2:1 daidzin to genistin ratio along with other healthful compounds naturally found in soy foods.

Careful extraction techniques ensure that the natural profiles and ratios of isoflavones are maintained.

Derived from non-genetically engineered, identity-preserved soybeans.

Achieves a clinically effective dose in just one to two tablets daily.

Each tablet provides:

Soybean concentrate 100 mg, totalisoflavones  40 mg, (containing all forms of genistin, daidzin, and glycitin) 80 mg, black cohosh root and rhizome extract (Actaea racemosa)  80 mg, recommendations: One tablet one to two times daily.

Form: 60 tablet bottle derived from non-genetically engineered, identity-preserved soybeans.also known as cimicifuga racemosa.

standardized to 2.5% (2 mg) triterpene glycosides as 27-deoxyactein.

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