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Canes are helpful for when you have minor problems with your balance and/or stability, slight weakness in your leg or trunk, or a small injury/minor pain in your leg or back area. Especially if you are elderly, utilizing a single point cane daily may help you walk more safely and comfortably, and even assist in allowing you to continue living an independent lifestyle.


To begin, place your cane approximately one small stride in front of you, and step off on your injured leg. Proceed to complete the step with your better leg.


In order to begin climbing a flight of stairs, set your cane in the hand that is opposite of your injured leg. Then, with your free hand, make sure to grasp the handrail. First, step on your good leg, and then step up on your injured leg.

To go downstairs, set your cane on the step first, then your injured leg, and finally your good leg— which will be carrying your body weight.

We here at B&B Health Care Center carry a wide variety of different canes, including quad canes and regular canes. In addition to that, we sell cane tip replacements and cane tip extension parts.