Rollators or Walkers

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Rollators allows you to enjoy a degree of personal independence.

Instead of staying most of the time indoors, its user can go out and experience outdoor places like parks and malls.  A rollator has either three or four large wheels, a built-in seat, and handlebars for steering. Many rollators even have a crossbar, usually with padding, for better back support. There are also accessories, such as baskets for personal things and cup holders.

Advantages of a Rollator

Rollators have a more sleek and streamlined appearance that make them suitable for use in public places with their users feeling more fashionable than when using walkers. Rollators usually have built-in permanent seats with padding for more comfortable use. Rollators always have either three or four-wheel so these improve mobility among their users – you can quickly roll forward and maneuver with the swivel wheels, as well as eliminate the need for lifting the mobility device with every step.

Rollators are effective mobility aids both indoors and outdoors, thanks to their lightweight quality, portable design, and sturdy design from the wheels to the frame. Rollators can be adjusted according to the desired height of their users. These have calibrating mechanisms that allow for such personalization. Regarding price, rollators arguably provide the best value for the money because of their durability and versatility in use. Older adults can use them for their everyday activities and their travels, even when going to their exercise and physical rehabilitation sessions.

What To Look For When Looking For A Rollator

Choosing the best rollator for seniors starts with looking at the types of rollators and matching their features with your own specific needs and wants. The standard rollator weighs an average of 15 pounds while models labeled as “lightweight” weighs around 11 pounds. You may also choose a lightweight version in case portability, such as when the rollator will be placed in your car’s trunk, is your priority.

But more important than the weight of the rollator is its weight capacity, especially when you’re on the heavy side. Standard rollators have a 300 pound capacity, but there are also rollators with higher weight capacities ranging from 400 to 500 pounds. When choosing your rollator based on it, you should consider not just your weight but the added weight of your things. You may, for example, add the possible weight of your shopping basket when it’s full and your bag that you’re likely to bring along.

While a seat with an adjustable height is preferable, you may also choose one with a fixed height seat if you don’t have trouble getting in and out of the rollator. But if you want a rollator with more functionality, then one with an adjustable seat and handlebar is a better option. The handlebars should also be easy to maneuver and be equipped with secure handbrakes. Rollators with smaller wheels are more suitable for indoor uses while those with more large wheels, usually 8 inches or larger in diameter, are best for outdoor use; the more large wheels can withstand rough terrain better. Be sure to measure the doorways and hallways of your home before choosing your rollator since it should naturally fit into these entryways.

Regarding stability, the 4-wheel rollators are more stable than their 3-wheel rollators. The latter, however, are easier to maneuver, so it’s a matter of personal preference of one over the other. If you plan on using the rollator outdoors where there’s more variety in terrains, then the 4-wheel rollator is your best choice.