PommeThin 30 Cap

PommeThin Dietary Supplement Supports proper weight management New proprietary slimming, get-in-shape complex by EuroPharma, 100% apple, 100% natural. Apple, the fitness fruit. For centuries, apples have been used as a traditional remedy for their healthy benefits. Their action on weight management is widely well known even if neither the active component nor the mechanism of weight loss action is really fully understood or identified. Phloridzin, a specific apple polyphenol, is known for its competitive effects on glucose absorption, specifically in the intestinal tract. However, this unique active component in apples is quite small and cannot be considered as the sole explanation for the weight-loss effect in diets rich in apples. Recent researchers have highlighted the action of other major apple compounds on weight management such as chlorogenic acid. EuroPharma’s PommeThin-get-in-shape complex has innovative apple slimming actives. New scientific data has led EuroPharma to develop a new 100% sour green cider apple extract gathering all key apple compounds acting on weight management into one highly concentrated standardized extract containing actives greater than 40%. PommeThin is a patented formula containing three apple actives proven to support glucose intestinal absorption and carbohydrate metabolism. The three polyphenolic compounds are working in synergy to support a healthy glucose metabolism. Hydroxycinnamic acids and especially chlorogenic acid have high antioxidant activity with an effect on the hepatic enzyme synthesis. It supports glucose uptake and glucose storage in the liver. Flavonols of which quercetin glycosides can interact with intestinal sugar receptors. Dihydrochalcons (phloridzin) are well known competitive factors of glucose intestinal absorption and cellular glucose transport. The apple actives in PommeThin are acting as an energy releasing regulator and can give a powerful boost during a long lasting effort. The antioxidant and vasodilating activity of flavonols optimize glucose usage by respiration at the cellular level allowing better cellular oxygenation. Ingredients PommeThin Complex (300:1 extract)350mg A proprietary formula containing apple soluble fibers and apple extract standardized for quercetin and phloridzin (40% phenolic apple actives). Other Ingredients Vegetable Capsule.

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