Patch It 6 Pak by Patch IT

Patch It 6 Pak by Patch IT(This item has been discontinued and is currently unavailable. Please email us at  to be notified if this product becomes available.)

Patch-it and Patch it All Sports help your body to improve circulation and detoxify by using the natural properties of double distilled wood vinegar and crystal powders.

These ingredients help to promote your body’s self-healing power.

Our patches do not put anything into your body, so they are safe to use.

Patch it utilizes the naturally occurring Far Infrared (FIR) and negative ion generating properties in double distilled wood vinegar, tourmaline, and germanium crystal powders to stimulate the acupuncture points on the soles of your feet. At the same time, it acts as a toxin “sink” and absorbs these impurities through your skin.

Although the immediate result can be seen in a toxin soaked patch, the effect is reflected through the entire body!

Patch-it All Sports increases muscle healing and has an analgesic effect on sports injuries.

It helps the body recover after athletic competition or physical stress. An ideal product for both the serious and casual athlete.

Dimensions: 6x1x7

Price: $15.00

Sku: 429514