Optique eye drops 10 DOSES

Optique eye drops 10 DOSESOptique Eye Drops offer homeopathic Favorable Effects for eye irritation. Ingredients of Optique 1 Eye Drops Active: Cineraria Maritima 4x…1.5%, Euphrasia Officinalis 4x…1%, Calendula Officinalis 4x…0.25%, Kali Muriaticum 1x…0.25%, Calcarea Flurica 10x…0.25%, Magnesia Carbonica 10x…0.25%, Silcea 10x…0.25%, Inactive: Isotonic Solution (0.9% sodium chloride), Purified Water Suggested Use for Optique 1 Eye Drops Snap off one unit dose. Twist to open. Instill 1 to 2 drops in affected eye(s). Discard container after each use. Repeat 2 to 6 times a day, as needed, or as directed by a doctor (using a new unit dose each time).

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