Neti Pots

“People with chronic sinus conditions should use a nasal douche daily, as it promotes drainage of the sinuses and speeds healing of inflamed tissues….a ceramic device for this purpose is called a Neti Pot” The nasal rinse is a centuries-old treatment that our customers have easily accepted and welcomed. The Neti Pot provides an easy, effective way to do the rinse-providing quick relief and a pleasant, soothing sensation. Simply run a mild salt-water solution in one nostril and out the other. Useful to: lessen the impact of colds and flus naturally; counter environmental pollutants; offset the effects of breathing dry indoor air; aid in fresh breathing while practicing yoga and meditation. The Neti Pot is made of white ceramic with a raised lotus and comes with a detailed, illustrated instruction booklet.

Price: $17.00

Sku: neti-pots