Maxorb Extra CMG Alginate Dressing 4×4 by MEDLINE

Maxorb Extra’s non-woven alginate and carboxylmethylcellulose (CMC) fiber combination interacts with wound exudate to form a gel, providing for a moist healing environment

Compared to previous Marorb dressings, Maxorb Extra has greater loft and fluid handling capacity-25% more than before, and more than the other alginate dressing on the market

The added presence of CMC in Maxorb Extra improves the gelling and fluid-handling ability as well as adding improved strength

The pad will not wick exudate laterally, reducing the potential for delicate peri-wound tissue damage

The gelatinous pad may be easily lifted in one piece from the wound bed

Dressings are supplied in single pouches or lidded tray

The rope version’s lidded tray

The rope version’s lidded tray keeps the fibers from compressing

As a result, fluid handling capacity is increased

Price: $7.96

Sku: MSC7044