Lymphomyosot Tablets 100 Count

Lymphomyosot Tablets 100 Count(This item has been discontinued and is currently unavailable. Please email us at  to be notified if this product becomes available.)

Lymphomyosot by Bhi (Heel) 100 Tablet Lymphomyosot 100 Tablet For the Temporary Relief of Swelling Due to Poor Circulation Minor Injury Environmental Toxins Suggested Use As a dietary supplement Adults and Children above 6 years 1 tablet sublingually or dissolved completely in mouth 3 times daily or as directed by a physician. Infants and children 6 years 1 2 tablet the adult dosage. – Or as directed by your healthcare professional. Other Ingredients Active Ingredients Each 300 mg contains Geranium robertianum 4X 30 mg nasturtium aquaticum 4X 30 mg ferrum iodatum 12X 30 mg myosotis arvensis 3X 15 mg scrophularia nodosa 3X 15 mg teucrium scorodonia 3X 15 mg veronica officinalis 3X 15 mg equisetum hyemale 4X 15 mg fumaria officinalis 4X 15 mg natrum sulphuricum 4X 15 mg pinus sylvestris 4X 15 mg gentiana lutea 5X 15 mg aranea diadema 6X 15 mg sarsaparilla 6X 15 mg calcarea phosphorica 12X 15 mg thyroidinum 12X 15 mg. Inactive Ingredients Magnesium stearate USP lactose USP.

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