L-Carnitine 30 Tab by Metagenics

L-Carnitine with Chromium they are Nutrients Involved in Fat Metabolism

L-Carnitine with Chromium is a blend of two nutrients that play important roles in the metabolism of fats.

Provides the amino acid L-carnitine, which mediates the transfer of fatty acids across the membranes of the mitochondria (the cell’s energy producing organelles) where they are oxidized as fuel for energy.

Provides the trace mineral chromium, an essential component of glucose tolerance factor (GTF) that supports glucose metabolism and influences fat storage.

Each Tablet Supplies:

L-Carnitine 250 mg

Chromium (as chromium aspartate) 50 mcg


One tablet twice daily between meals.


30 Tablet Bottle

Dimensions: 1x1x3

Price: $28.69

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