Kids Digest 90 serving by Enzymedica

Digestive Enzymes for Children

Enzymedica Kids Digest

Kids Digest™ is the latest development from the enzyme experts at Enzymedica.

We all recognize the value of good nutrition and proper digestion for adults; how much more so would that logic apply to the growing years of childhood.

Kids Digest is a mild potency digestive enzyme formula, which covers all food groups. Its enzymes are all derived from plants. Enzymedica still stands by its commitment to not add fillers. And most important of all, Kids Digest relies on Enzymedica’s potent Thera-blend™ enzymes.

More children than ever suffer the consequences of incomplete digestion. Enzymedica offers Kids Digest as a potent, safe and tasty support product to assist in the digestion and assimilation of the important nutrients they eat.

Recommended Usage

Mix 1 scoop in your child’s favorite fruit juice. Not for use in milk or water.

Dimensions: 1x2x3

Price: $14.98

Sku: 26100