Immune Strong Wellness Activator (Formerly ViraPlex) 80 Tablet

Immune Strong Wellness Activator (Formerly ViraPlex EB) Ammunition for your immune system. Enhances respiratory health Dietary Supplement Product Numbers: 01358 Product Quantities: 80 Tablets. Immune Strong Wellness Activator134;, formerly known as ViraPlex EB with Elderberry, features a new name. The elder flower has been used for years, but recent research has focused on the benefits of the plant’s berry, which contains anthocyanins. This improved formula also features astragalus, a Chinese herb that has long been respected and researched for its role in supporting immune health. The new, proprietary trace mineral blend focuses on the specific compounds and elements that offer immune support, such as selenium, molybdenum and boron.

Price: $14.50

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