Hair & Skin 100 tab by Heel

Hair & Skin 100 tab by Heel Combination formula for hair, skin, nails,remedy combination for thinning hair, hair loss. Helpful for dry, rough skin with itching and rashes or acne. Useful for cuticles and soft or brittle nails. Urtica urens 6X for irritated skin and hair acidum 8X, ignatia 6X, and lycopodium 6X for premature greying, hair loss on men, and thinning hair.

Important for skin and scalp remedies include Nat mur 12X and arsenicum album 10X. Useful for warts, fever blisters, eczema, seborrhea, dermatitis, hives, brown spots and other skin problems.

Dimensions: 1x1x3

Price: $14.15

Sku: bhi1001300