Guna-Flam 30 ml

Description: Guna-Flam was developed for both children and adults needing rapid relief of inflammation symptoms: Headache, Fever, Muscle aches. Guna-Flam is a broad spectrum anti-inflammatory homeopathic medicine, which promptly and effectively reduces the symptoms of inflammation: fever, pain, edema, and redness. Guna-Flam should be administered at the first symptoms of inflammation, as a natural antifebrile and analgesic medicine, and as such, helps accelerate recovery. Guna-Flam is an efficient broad spectrum anti-inflammatory medicine, without negative adverse reactions, which reduces fever and pain associated with inflammation. Guna-Flam does not hinder physiological defense mechanisms, but rather reduces symptoms of inflammation thus rapidly leading to recovery. Product Research: Clinical case A 32 year old taxi-driver who drives in the summertime with the air conditioning system turned on at maximum level. Because of the continuous flux of temperatures, as he moves from inside to outside his taxi multiple times a day, he has developed a form of Inflammation of the pharynx and tonsils , along with an acute onset of fever. This patient, who is also afflicted by gastric upset, cannot use NSAIDs, due to intolerable side effects.

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