Pancreatin 50 C Twinlab

Each Twinlab Pancreatin capsule will digest approximately 50 grams of protein, 50 grams of starch and 67 grams of fat. Each capsule will digest the protein in 3/4 lb of steak, the starch in 3 lbs of white potatoes and the fat in 1 3/4 oz of Italian salad dressing.

Nutrition Facts: Serving Size (caps) 1 Servings Per Bottle 50 Pancreatin 4x (mg) 500 Supplying: Amylase (USP units) 50000 Protease (USP units) 50000 Lipase (USP units) 8500

Ingredient Details: One hard gelatin Twinlab Pancreatin capsule supplies: Pancreatin 4x (equivalent to 2000 mg of pancreatin USP) 500 mg Supplying: Amylase Activity 50000 USP units Protease Activity (trypsin & chymotrypsin) 50000 USP units Lipase Activity 8500 USP units

Dimensions: 2x2x4

Price: $7.50

Sku: 122002