GlutenEase 60C by Enzymedica

GlutenEase 60C by EnzymedicaGluten Intolerance Treatment

GlutenEase™ 60 Capsules

GlutenEase contains a modified Protease Thera-blend and a new enzyme called DPP-IV.

This new formula supports people suffering with gluten or casein intolerance. br>
For many individuals who consume wheat or dairy products, the particular proteins gluten and/or casein are difficult to digest and can lead to intestinal inflammation and a number of disorders including Celiac disease, Leaky Gut or other syndromes. The main treatment for gluten or casein intolerance has been to remove offending foods from a person’s diet, also known as the GFCF (gluten-free, casein-free) diet. Though effective in the short term, removing foods does not provide an ultimate solution. Once those foods are reintroduced to the diet, the symptoms return.

Take 1 capsule with any meal containing gluten or casein. More may be taken if needed. This product works best when used in combination with Digest or Digest Gold.

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