Exercise / Therapy

Theraball 45′ Yellow

Theraball 55′ Red

Theraball 65′ Green

Theraball 75′ Blue

Theraball 85′ Silver

Theraball Soft Yellow hand Exercisers

Theraball Soft ‘Red’ hand Exercisers

Theraball Medium ‘Green’ hand Exercisers

Theraball Firm ‘Blue’

Therabands Thin yellow

Therabands Medium Red

Therabands Heavy Green

Therabands Extra-Heavy Blue

Theraputty Soft-Red 2oz

Theraputty Medium-Green 2oz

Theraputty Firm-Blue

Resistance Exercise Tubing-Medium

Hand Exerciser Complete Digiflex Light Red

Hand Exerciser Complete Digiflex Medium Green

Hand Exerciser Complete Digiflex Heavy Blue

Hand Exerciser Complete Digilflex Xtra Heavy Black

Exercise Mat Complete
Ankle and Wrist Wrap Complete Weights
Aquatic Ankle Weight 5lbs.
Aquatic Wrist Weight 4lbs.

Aquatic Buoyancy Belt Small

Aquatic Buoyancy Belt Medium

Aquatic Buoyancy Belt Large

Large Round Dumbells

Arm and Shoulder Exercise Pulley

Cateye Basic Upright Ergociser

Recumbent Stationary Bike

Fitness Deluxe Treadmill

Inversion Table, Traction Unit