Estrovera 30 tab

Estrovera 30 tabEstrovera Benefits

Clinically shown to dramatically reduce the number of daily menopausal hot flashes

Clinically demonstrated to relieve a wide range of other menopausal symptoms including:

Sleep disturbances Poor mood, irritability, and anxiety Physical and emotional exhaustion Heart complaints (e.g., racing) Joint and muscle complaints Urinary tract symptoms Vaginal dryness and sexual problems No reported changes in safety parameters or serious adverse events in clinical studies lasting up to 2 years

Clinically effective dose in just 1 tablet daily

Recommended Use

one tablet daily with breakfast with a glass of water.


One Tablet Supplies:


use if pregnant or nursing, or if you have endometriosis.

This product is contraindicated for individuals with known or suspected hormone-sensitive cancer(s). If taking medication(s), consult your healthcare practitioner before use. Also known as special extract ERr 731 of Siberian rhubarb root.

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