EPA-DHA Extra Strength

EPA-DHA Extra StrengthPopularly known for their heart health benefits, omega-3 fatty acids are essential nutrients needed by the body and should be included in every diet. Consumption of omega-3 fatty acids can help reduce inflammation, lower fat and cholesterol in the bloodstream, prevent obesity, improve the body’s response to insulin, help treat cancer and speed up metabolism

柊ccording to the June 2009 issue of Women’s Health and the National Institutes of Health, omega-3 fatty acids are healthy fats that trigger “I’m full” signals to the brain and help quash hunger signals. Additionally, a study by William S. Harris and The Lipid and Arteriosclerosis Prevention Clinic, Division of Clinical Pharmacology, Department of Medicine, University of Kansas Medical Center in Kansas City revealed that fish oils, which are rich in omega-3 fatty acids, can influence metabolism. Further, regular consumption of omega-3 fatty acids reduces an individual’s risk for becoming obese and stimulates the secretion of leptin, a hormone that helps regulate metabolism, according to the World’s Healthiest Foods by George Mateljan.

120 Softgels

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