Diarrheel 100 tab

Diarrheel 100 tabDiarrheel – 100 TB More Information: Based on the individual homeopathic constituents of Diarrheel, therapeutic possibilities result not only for the elimination of homotoxins formed through fermentation (in the small intestine, where particularly poisonous peptides arise) and putridity (in the colon with the occurrence of the glucoside indican, the diamines putrescin, cadaverin and other biogenous amines as well as other protein degradation products of a toxic nature), which are adsorbed directly and thereby rendered harmless and removed, but also of the homotoxins consumed with nutrients, the bacterial poisons present in spoiled foodstuffs, e.g. in fish, meat and other food poisoning. In cases of poisoning, Diarrheel must be administered in higher doses (4-5 tablets every 10-30 minutes). In the usual dosage, however, Diarrheel is not only suitable as adsorbent in toxicosis of the widest variety, but especially also for dyspepsia, diarrhea, dysentery as well as for tympanites and meteorism, as their cause may be gastro-intestinal and hepatopancreatic disorders. Diarrheel is indicated in all cases of gastro-intestinal dysfunction, especially when the feces are diarrheic, and, therefore, for pancreatitis, septic diarrhea in the course of other diseases, Ventricular and duodenal ulcers, cholangitis, cholecystitis, cholelithiasis, disturbed growth of bacteria, etc. Ingredients per each 300 mg tablet: Tormentilla 2x 60 mgVeratrum album 4x 30mg Colchicum autumnale 6x 30 mgColocynthis 6x 30 mgPodophyllum peltatum 6x 30 mg Argentum nitricum 8x 30 mg Arsenicum album 8x 30 mgMercurius corrosivus 8x 30mg

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