CoQ-10 ST® 60 SoftGels 100mg (Boost Your Heart)

  CoQ-10 ST® 60Soft gel  100mg ( Boost your heart )
Coenzyme Q10 helps support cardiovascular, nervous system, and periodontal health through its bioenergetic and antioxidant activity; some research suggests coenzyme Q10 nutritional status may influence immune function. Coenzyme Q10 shows considerable cell-membrane-stabilizing activity. An oil-base formula supports CoQ10’s lipophilic nature, thereby enhancing absorption and bioavailability. Supplies vitamin E, which may support the activity of CoQ10. Two softgels daily or as directed by your healthcare practitionerTwo Softgels Supply:Vitamin E (as d-alpha tocopherol and mixed tocopherols)60.00 IU Coenzyme Q10 (ubiquinone)60.00 mg

Other Ingredients: Medium chain triglycerides, Gelatin, Glycerin, D-limonene oil, Purified water, Turmeric powder (color), Zinc oxide (color)

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