Immune & Respiratory Support Formulas


Oscillococcinum by Boiron

Ultra Potent-C 1000 90T by Metagenics

Chestal Cough Syrup 8.45 Free oscillo 3 Doses

Sinus by Heel

Cold by Heel

Bronchitis by Heel

Cough by Heel

Flu Plus by Heel

Allergy by Heel

Echinacea & Golden Seal tea by Alvita
Virastop 60 c by Enzymedica Inc

Nazanol 30T
by Metagenics

C-Ultratab 90tab by Metagenics

Echinacea Synergy 60T by Metagenics

Essential Defense 30Tab by Metagenics

Throat tab 100 by BHI

CoughFree Syrup by Heel

Best Camu Camu 400mg 120 vc

MucoStop 48 cap by Enzymedica

Andrographis Plus 30 tab by Metagenics

Leptandra Comp od by Heel

Drosera Homacord OD by Heel

Mycotaki 90c by Metagenics

Chest 100 tab by BHI/Heel

Umka Cherry Syrup 4 oz

ImmunoCore 90T

Best Fucoidan 70% 60 vc

Aconitum 100 ml
Hayfever Nasal Spray – Luffeel (new name)

Mercurius 100 tab

C-UltraTabs 90 tab

Guna Cough

Guna-Flam 30 ml

Guna Allergy Treat 30 ml

Sabadil 60 tab

Coldcalm 60 tab

Sinusalia 60 tab

Allerase – 60 Capsules

Echinacea Synergy 60T

Bryaconeel 100 tab

Breathe Easier Neti Pot

Phosphor homa od

Gripp-Heel 100 tab

Naso-Heel od
Oleocaps 1 30sfg

Oleocaps 4 30sfg

BerryBiotic 60C

ViraPlex 80 tab

Sinusin Nasal Spray 65 oz

Cold & and Flue Prevention Oil

Sinus Oil

NATURE’S WAY Umcka FastActives Cold plus Flu Relief Berry 10 pckts

Esberitox 100 Chew Tabs

Immune Strong Wellness Activator (Formerly ViraPlex) 80 Tablet

Enzymatic Therapy Thymuplex – 50 Capsules

Bronchial Clear 90 Tablets
Neti Pots

Allergy Essentials™ 60 caps

Adrisin™ 60 tab

Mycotaki™ 90 tab

Organic Raw Apple Cider Vinegar

Oreganol P73

Nectadyn Cough Syrup

Inositol 500 mg. – 100 Capsules – Nature’s Way

Boswellia Standardized Extract – Nature’s Way

Coral Calcium by Nature’s Way

Damiana Leaves 400 mg (100 Capsules) by Nature’s Way

Devil’s Claw – Standardized Extract by Nature’s Way

Elderberry by Nature’s Way

Licorice Root by Nature’s Way

Parsley by Nature’s Way

Peppermint Leaves by Nature’s Way

Glucosamine Chondroitin by Nature’s Way

Alfalfa Leaves by Nature’s Way

Astragalus Root by Nature’s Way

Bayberry Root Bark, 475 mg, 100 Capsules by Nature’s Way

Butcher’s Broom by Nature’s Way

Cat’s Claw by Nature’s Way

Activated Charcoal – 260 mg 100 caps by Nature’s Way

Cayenne – 40,000 HU, 450 mg 180 caps by Nature’s Way

Hawthorn Berries by Nature’s Way

Horsetail Grass – 100 caps by Nature’sWay

Lavender Flowers by Nature’s Way

Echinacea with Vitamin C 100 Capsules by Nature’s Way