CoQsol – CF 60 vc by Doctor’s Best


CoQsol-CFä is a patent pending formulation of crystal-free Coenzyme Q10 in d-limonene oil.

The formula also includes mixed tocopherols.

Co Q10 is a nutrient that supports heart function and promotes energy production in cells.

Co Q10 is a versatile antioxidant, which stabilizes cell membranes, protecting them from free radical damage.

Co Q10 can also powerfully support immune function.

CoQsol-CFä provides the well-known benefits of coenzyme Q10 in a formula designed for enhanced bioavailability.

CoQ10 is itself a highly unstable molecule that is prone to crystallization upon exposure to heat, light and air.

Many CoQ10 products are, therefore, highly crystallized.

This crystallization process decreases absorption and bioavailability of the CoQ10.

CoQsol-CFä solves this problem by providing crystal-free CoQ10 that is highly soluble and has enhanced bioavailability.

CoQsol-CFä also provides the added antioxidant protection of mixed tocopherols.

The end result of using CoQsol-CFä is that more of the CoQ10 is actually available for use by the body in performing its critical functions.


Boosts Cellular Energy Production

Coenzyme Q10 is a vitamin-like nutrient found in the human body.

Essential to life, Co Q10 works at the cellular level to produce energy for metabolism in the form of ATP.1,2 Co Q10 serves as a vital link in the “electron transport chain,” which is the final step in the production of ATP in the mitochondria of cells.

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