Calming BHI 100 tab

BHI calming tablets are indicated for the alleviation of many disorders, which are commonly found in today’s society. BHI calming tablets work by stimulating the body’s own natural defense system; for casual stress, insomnia, nervous irritability, restlessness, depression, and hypersensitivity to external irritations, these tablets promote a biological, nontoxic calming and tranquilizing effect, which does not interfere with alertness. BHI calming tablets are composed of synergistically acting homeopathic remedies.

Humulus lupulus 2x is a remedy designed for calming and has a tranquilizing effect; Passiflora incarnate 2x fights nervous irritability, insomnia and pain; Veratrum album 4x is effective in psychosis and psychic delirium with inclination towards violence; Ignatia amara 8x has been shown to be effective in depression and mania which alternate and the inclination to cry especially after emotional upsets; Coffea lox is beneficial to those who have a hypersensitivity to external irritations, cannot sleep, and are frequently found to be wide-awake; Moschus lox is indicated for those who are nervous, experiences trembling and confused speaking, for patients who are easily panicked and exhausted; Sulphur 12x has been shown to be effective in diverse forms of re-intoxication, itching, eczema, and flushes; Nux vomica 30x is effective in excitation after abuse of irritating drugs such as alcohol and nicotine and total exhaustion; Chamomilla 2x is for irritability, restlessness, sleeplessness and teething complaints.

Now in the tradition of homeopathic excellence, BHI offers a safe and effective alternative to the toxic and addictive substances.

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