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Dosage: In general, 1 tablet dissolved under the tongue 3 times daily. In acute disorders, initially 1 tablet every 15 minutes. Form in which supplied and package size: Bottle containing 100 tablets. Pharmacological and clinical notes Constituents Indications Bryonia (bryony) Inflammation of all serous membranes (pleuritis, peritonitis, meningitis); coughs in bronchitis and catarrh caused by a chill, neuralgic pains, rheumatism with inflammation, enlargement of liver. Aconitum (monkshood) Acute feverish diseases, influenza,  antineuralgic action, e.g. for neuralgia of the arm, paresthesia, rheumatism with inflammation. Phosphorus (phosphorus) Bronchopneumonia, nocturnal coughing with sanguineous expectorate, remedy for affections of the parenchyma. Based on the individual homeopathic constituents of Bryaconeel, therapeutic possibilities result for the treatment of pneumonia and acute chills and colds with coughs, bronchitis, laryngitis, pleuritis acuta et chronica (Arsuraneel, Abropernol, Lymphomyosot, etc.); neuralgia of various kinds, particularly neuralgia of the arm and acroparesthesia, including also osteochondrosis, for example (with and in addition to Osteoheel, Rhododendroneel etc.); to combat pain in primary chronic polyarthritis, especially for pain in the hands. Bryaconeel also exerts a favorable action in pancreatic affections (Duodenoheel, Spigelia compositum and Spascupreel, all four preparations to be taken together 1-6 times daily) and, further, is recommended for other Bryonia indications. In such cases, Bryonia-lnjeel (forte) is administered parenterally in addition. Experimentally in hyperthermia (Aconitum effect) in addition to Aconitum-lnjeel forte i.v. In a similar way to the action of Belladonna-Homaccord on inflammation of the mucosa and connective tissue, Bryaconeel is effective for serous inflammation. Bryaconeel also exerts a favorable action, when the occasion arises, in moderating serious regressive vicariation, preferably taken simultaneously with Arsuraneel and Cruroheel. The dosage is adapted according to the disease, the clinical appearance and the stage of the illness: in painful conditions until an improvement is observed, 1 tablet to be dissolved on the tongue every 15 minutes; otherwise 1 tablet 3 times daily.

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