Breathe Easier Neti Pot

Natural, Relieving, Nasal Irrigation For Healthier Sinus Function The Nasal Neti Pot secret and how it can help you. The ancient “Jala Neti” technique of flushing the sinuses has revealed its importance to the western world. For thousands of years the nasal neti pot has been used for nasal irrigation by the Yogis of India. After hearing that Oprah had a show on the Jal Neti pot, I did not understand the difference a net pot salt wash would make until I tried it myself, What a difference! This practice consists of a simple solution of salty water that is poured in through one side of the nose with the head tilted forward (over the sink). Water drains out the other side. br When using Nasal Neti Pots it is possible to breathe through the mouth. It is then repeated on the other side of the nose… It’s that simple. (Jal Neti pots salt-water mixture amounts may vary for comfort) It can be performed as often as you shower or brush your teeth and its very easy to do. br This simple action can mean a world of a difference for cold sufferers, those with common or serious allergies and problems with sinus congestion. flush pollen and other allergens nasal neti pot helps to flush mucous, bacteria and many viral organs. aids in helping to reprogram the bodies natural health defense function in the sinus area. The practice of Sinus Cleansing is also beneficial to the cleanliness of the eyes, ears, nose, throat, lungs, and even the thinking processes. Neti Pot Salt packets are available too. The pre-portioned packets are measured for the right amount and mildness for the rinse, When you Buy Neti Pot it may be constructed of ceramic, copper, plastic or almost any material. Any one that’s comfortable for you will do. IMPORTANT: Be sure to use purified or distilled water and NOT tap water. The chlorine and other chemicals are too high and usually give a burning sensation similar to the feeling of having inhaled swimming pool water.

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