Best Prostate Bladder Support 60SG

Best Prostate & Bladder Support featuring UroLogicProsä (Patent Pending) is a proprietary blend of herbs, nutrients and phytochemicals designed to promote healthy prostate function and support and maintain a healthy bladder.* Saw palmetto is renowned for its ability to support prostate health due to its high concentration of phytosterols. Tomato fruit is an excellent source of phytonutrients including lycopene, which has been researched for its role in promoting prostate health. These nutrients are combined with Crateva nurvala and Horsetail (Equisetum arvense) extract, both of which have an extensive history of use for supporting healthy bladder function. The formula also contains the prostate-supportive minerals zinc and selenium. Preliminary human research suggests that the combination of ingredients in UroLogicPros™ is superior to other nutritional formulas in supporting optimal prostate and bladder function.

Saw palmetto is an herb native to North America whose ripe fruits have been traditionally used by Native American communities for hundreds of years to support the health of the urinary tract and related systems. The first observations of the therapeutic applications of this herb appeared in the American Journal of Urology in 1892. Research has confirmed that saw palmetto may possess activity at a multitude of levels in the urinary system, including direct effects on the prostate gland and urinary bladder.Saw palmetto berry is also listed in the German Commission E monographs as an approved herb for its ability to support healthy urinary and prostate function.2 A number of clinical studies have shown beneficial results with the consumption of a standardized extract of saw palmetto. In one double-blind, placebo-controlled trial of 110 individuals, supplementation of 160 mg of saw palmetto standardized extract twice daily significantly benefited various urinary flow measures as well as participant and physician self-ratings of improvement. A second double-blind study also demonstrated an enhancement of urinary function and flow in 43% of those taking the saw palmetto extract versus the same enhancements seen in only 15% of those taking a placebo.

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