Best French Grape Extract by Doctor’s Best

Best French Grape Extract by Doctor's BestBest French Grape Extract is a whole grape extract produced from premium wine grapes. Processed without chemical solvents and using a low-temperature extraction method, best French Grape Extract containsproantho cyanidins, polyphenols, flavonoids and resveratrol.

Made from the whole grape, including seed, skin, and stem

Best French Grape Extract is a full spectrum product extracted from the seeds, skins, and stems of select hybrid grapes. The unique extraction process is done in France using locally grown grapes. The final product is purely extracted with water and grain alcohol only. This ensures a product free of chemical residues, and absorption is optimized because the extract is water soluble.

Best French Grape Extract retains the natural deep purple grape color.

Quality Guaranteed Best French Grape Extract is continually analyzed by an independent laboratory using the Porter Method, an industry-accepted test of grape extract quality.

The Porter Value of Best French Grape Extract ranges from 290 to 320.

These are exceptionally high measurements indicative of a product rich in beneficial active ingredients.

BioVin Grape Extract (Seeds, skin(vitis veniferaThere is growing interest in the ability of wine grape polyphenols to protect LDL cholesterol from oxidation. In a 1993 study published in The Lancet, Frankel, et al found that phenolic substances present in wine acted as electron donors to inhibit copper-catalyzed oxidation of LDL.

It is now believed that oxidized LDL is a major factor in the buildup of plaque deposits in blood vessels. In its unoxidized or “native” state, LDL cholesterol accumulates in blood-vessel walls only to a limited degree. On the other hand, oxidized LDL is readily absorbed by macrophages present in arterial walls, forming “foam cells.” This is the initial stage in plaque formation. Much of the value of dietary antioxidants may center around mitigating LDL oxidation.

It has been suggested that the benefits of polyphenols may help explain the so-called “French Paradox,” the relatively low mortality rate from heart disease found in regions with high consumption of red wine.)In summary, the broad range of natural grape antioxidants in Best French Grape Extract may protect overall cardiovascular health in several ways: 1) Reduction of oxidative stress (free radicals), 2) Protection of LDL cholesterol against oxidation, 3) Preventing formation of lipid peroxides which can attack capillary cell membranes, and 4) Inhibition of enzymes that break down capillary tissues.

SafetySuggested Adult Use:

As a dietary supplement, take one capsule three times daily, or as directed by a nutritionally informed health care provider.

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