Barijodeel 100 tab

Barijodeel 100 atbBarijodeel 100tab For the temporary relief of symptoms caused by poor circulation including mental fatigue, weak memory and a depressed mood, particularly in elderly persons Ingredients: Each 300 mg tablet contains: Anacardium orientale 6X (impaired memory; absent-mindedness), Causticum 6X (sadness; hopelessness), Aconitum napellus 12X great fear; anxiety; restlessness) 45 mg each; Arnica montana, radix 4X (indifference; wants to be alone), Ignatia amara 6X (sighing and sobbing), Kali phosphoricum 6X (anxiety; nervous dread) Stramonium 6X (must have company),Baryta carbonica 12X (bashful; mental weakness) 30 mg each; Calcarea iodata 4X lightheaded; deficiency of memory) 15 mg in a lactose base.

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