Spectra Zyme Pan 9x ES (Formerly Azeo-Pangen Extra Strength)

Spectra Zyme Pan 9x ES

Raw Pancreas Enzyme Concentrate

Spectra Zyme Pan 9x ES is a comprehensive enzyme complex that helps promote healthy digestive function. Spectra Zyme Pan 9x ES has twice the digestive enzyme strength of regular Spectra Zyme Pan (Azeo-Pangen).

Each Tablet Supplies:

Raw Porcine Pancreas Concentrate With an Enzymatic Analisis of not less than:

Protease 104000 USP

Amylase 10400 usp

Lipase  16640 usp


One tablet with each meal.

Form: 90 Tablet Bottle Warnings:

Do not use if there is a prior history of or a current peptic or duodenal ulcer.

Dimensions: 2x2x5

Price: $43.50

Sku: metaazeox