Allergy by Heel

Allergy by Heel

Our Allergy combination remedy is one of the most used remedies for relief of allergy & hay fever symptoms, such as, difficulty breathing, rashes, and headaches. Can be taken prior to exposure as a preventative

measure. Remedies include Arnica 6X for inflammation of mucous membranes Ignatia 6X for difficulty breathing, Lycopodium 6X for constricted feeling in head, with coughing or breathing,Thuja 6X for asthma,Lappa 8X for skin rashes from allergies,Arsenicum album 8X for eczema, food allergies,Histaminum 200X for nasal congestion,Ledum 8X for cough with chest pain,Antimonium Crud 10X for bronchial catarrh from allergen exposure,Graphites 10X for skin symptoms, including painful skin cracks,Selenium 12X for chest discomfort and coughs,Sulphur 12X for allergic reactions in breathing and skin.

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