Aletris 100 tab

Alertis 100 tabAletris-Heel 100 tabs For the temporary relief of exhaustion and weakness following illness, overexertion or muscle or joint pain. Tablets: Each 300 mg tablet contains: Sepia 6X (weakness; aversion to work; depression), 60 mg; Aletris farinosa 4X (tired all the time; anemia), Cocculus indicus 4X (depression; aversion to food), Helonias dioica 4X (weakness; melancholy), Kali carbonicum 4X (general depression; irritability), 45 mg each; Natrum muriaticum 6X (weakness and weariness; coldness), 30 mg; Chininum arsenicosum 6X (weariness and prostation; cardiac dyspnea), Picricum acidum 6X (neurasthenia; muscular debility) 15 mg each in a lactose base. Tablets: Adults and children above 6 years: 1 tablet sublingually or dissolved completely in mouth 3 times daily, or as directed by a physician. Infants and children to 6 years: 1/2 the adult dosage.

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