Aconitum 100ml


Based on the individual homeopathic constituents of Aconitum-Homaccord, therapeutic possibilities result for the treatment of influenza, acute feverish chills (initially without objective focus), as auxiliary remedy for teething disorders and otitis media acuta (Viburcol), pharyngitis, laryngitis, bronchiolitis, pneumonia, rhinitis acuta and other acute exacerbating, feverish reaction phases, also for polyarthritis acuta, pleuritis acuta; in the early stages for chills, colds and undefined fevers in small and older children, administered as “fever drops”, Aconitum-Homaccord may avert the development of threatening reaction phases.The dosage is adjusted according to the disease, the symptoms and the stage of the illness: in acute, feverish phenomena, shock therapy for several hours: 10 drops every 15 minutes, otherwise 5-10 drops 3-6 times daily. For fever, 1 ampule i.v., i.m., s.c., daily, otherwise

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