About Us

B&B Pharmacy has been caring for and serving the community since 1957

The departments included:

  • Retail Pharmacy
  • Compounding Pharmacy
  • Worker’s Compensation
  • Durable Medical Equipment
  • Medical Supplies including Wound Care
  • Vitamins, Supplements, Homeopathy

B&B Compounding Pharmacy is stocked with a large variety of hard-to-find chemicals and drug delivery devices, which enable us to prepare customized medications for every situation. Our pharmacists continually attend seminars to stay abreast of the latest advances in compounding, high tech pharmaceutical delivery systems, pain management and the newest products on the pharmaceutical market.

We work with the needs of Dermatologists and General Physicians with custom formulations.

Compounding Lab – The patient’s health and comfort are our primary concern. We work closely with the prescriber and the patient to achieve that goal. If a patient can’t swallow a tablet – a liquid, suppository, transdermal gel, or sublingual troche may be appropriate. If one is allergic to a dye, preservative, or filler of a commercial product, a similar medication can be formulated leaving out the problematic ingredient. We work diligently with individual physicians and pain clinics to control chronic pain, with hospice groups to alleviate all symptoms of the hospice patient, and with every medical specialty group to meet their unique needs.